Andrew Freistaedter

Makes life easier by reducing variability and time spent on cell culture.
We purchased this cell counter from BioCat after looking at a few different models online as well as using a week to demo it in our lab. The menu is simple to use and understand. It is easy to update the software version from the website. It is a lot faster than manually counting using a hemocytometer and removes counter variability. Set cell numbers for different cell lines to seed flasks and plates can now be standardized. By purchasing the reusable cell counter slide we can reduce our plastic waste and they are easy to clean with dH2O and dry using a tissue. Being able to switch to the cell screen to see what counts as a cell (circled in green) and as trash/ debris (circled in red) with the option of increasing the magnification is great to determine if the settings need to be changed for a specific cell line. Automatic cell counters like this are a lifesaver when needing to seed multiple cell lines for an experiment. The LUNA-II was the cheapest automatic cell counter that I found, and we haven’t regretted it!