Dmitry Podolsky

A great solution for researchers in the field of cell biology!
The automatic cell counter LUNA-II proved to be a lifesaver for my research with HeLa and C6 cells, as well as blood cells, to quickly count cells and determine viability. The device is very easy to operate and has a clear interface with a good touch screen for manipulation. It has good interpretation of results in the form of quality images and quantitative results in the form of diagrams, this made it easier to work a routine of counting cells in large number of experimental samples. Very clear and simple protocols for setting up counting cells and determining viability. It has already been tested on different types of cells and this device has high reproducibility of results and accuracy, simplifying preparation for experiments. Results are generated quickly, which saved time. The price is affordable. You can forget about Goryaev’s chamber for good. Convenient to use, I recommend for everyone.