Laura Fin

Great cell counter, robust re-usable slides, incredible customer support!
We purchased this cell counter for our busy tissue culture facility. We needed a machine that is easy to use, fast, provides good reproducible results and offers the possibility to save funds on consumables by using re-usable counting slides instead of disposable ones. The LUNA-FL has all these features. The interface is user-friendly, the counter is easy to use with minimum training required and the results are almost immediate, clear and very reproducible. Moreover, users have appreciated the fluorescence function too. It gives a very quick and clear idea of the efficiency of transfection experiments. The possibility to use a re-usable slide with this counter has reduced our expenses towards consumables by an incredible amount. In general, we are very happy with our purchase. A final note has to be made for the incredible support of the customer service: we had a very useful demonstration of the machine, which was left at our facility for a month for trial, without any obligation of purchase. We had an initial big discount for the purchase of two machines, which included two re-usable slides free of charge. When our re-usable slides broke, Logos was upgrading the design and in the meantime we were offered disposable slides free of charge. We have been using the upgraded design for months now, without any problems.