Soraya Bosch

Don’t waste more precious time!
I can’t believe in my previous lab we needed to count the cells in the traditional way, a lot of precious time being wasted. When I use the LUNA-II to follow the growth of my EXPI cells, normally I measure the same slides in duplicate only moving the slide a little to have another field to count and the results are always reproducible. In the protocols you can set up the counter using different parameters, like the diameter of your cells, factor of dilutions, so at the end you have just to write down your concentration and the viability of the cells, which is showed in the folder of results. When I arrived in this new lab, there was already the LUNA-II, for this reason I don’t know how much the cost was, but for sure is worth since in less than 5 min you have your measurement! You only need to mix the correct amount of Blue staining dye with an aliquot of your cells, charge it on the slide and ready to measure! It’s fast, reliable, and efficient!”