Genetic & Genomic eBook offers solid foundation for scientific research efforts

September 30, 2021


Genetic & Genomic eBook offers solid foundation for scientific research efforts.


Biocompare has launched a new eBook, ‘Advanced Tools for Genomic Analysis’, as part of its growing electronic library of free resources for scientists and researchers. Logos Biosystems was proud to take part in this collaborative effort which includes some of the top companies in the life science industry.


This eBook was designed to highlight the tools and processes that have created the foundation for integrating genetics and genomics with medicine, biotechnology, and biomedical research. Advanced Tools for Genomic Analysis provides insight into single-cell genomics, gene editing, epigenomics and other processes that have paved the way for researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the human body and disease processes.


Logos Biosystems contributed ‘Automated Cell Evaluation for Single-Cell RNA-seq Analysis’ which details the vital first step of having accurate cells counts in single-cell sequencing protocol. The LUNA-FX7™ was referenced for having the ability to improve cell sample accuracy and reliability when assessing both quantity and quality of a variety of cell sample sizes and types. For a complete download of the Logos Biosystems Application Note, click here.


The eBook, released today, can be downloaded at no charge by visiting the Biocompare website .


Automated Cell Evaluation for Single-Cell RNA-seq Analysis