New Automated Cell Counting Guide E-Book Launched

December 21, 2020


New automated cell counting guide helps scientists accelerate their work


A new guide to automated cell counting has been launched to help scientists advance their vital research as quickly as possible.


From life sciences to medical diagnostics, cell counting has long been a standard procedure routinely used within many experimental workflows.


With manual cell counting recognized as laborious, time-consuming and potentially inaccurate, automation has helped to address these issues by removing subjectivity, generating rapid results, and providing precision, compliance, and consistency.


To help scientists worldwide optimize cell counting processes for their various applications, leading independent science technology publisher SelectScience has partnered with Logos Biosystems to produce the handy Ultimate guide to automated cell counting.


This free-to-download eBook covers a range of exciting applications, from how to simply analyze and categorize cell populations to counting peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) isolated from whole blood samples, monitoring CAR-T cell therapy production, and more.


With reference to the entire LUNA™ cell counting family, it especially highlights how the LUNA-FX7™ Automated Cell Counter can satisfy all of your cell counting needs for use in general and bio/pharmaceutical laboratories, as well as GMP facilities.


“Transform your lab work with an award-winning new solution backed by scientists worldwide,” reads the guide tagline, a reference to the Platinum Seal of Quality which the LUNA™ family received in 2020.


This excellent resource includes much more information and can be downloaded free of charge on the SelectScience website here.