SelectScience releases newest edition of popular ‘How-To-Buy’ eBook for cell counting technologies.

March 28, 2023

Leading independent science publisher, SelectScience® has released the 4th edition of its cell counting technology ‘How-To-Buy’ eBook. This guide covers key factors that scientists and researchers should consider when finding the best automated cell counter for their applications.

Logos Biosystems is proud to announce that its awarding-winning LUNA™ family of automated cell counters have been named in the SelectScience ‘How-To-Buy’ eBook. In addition, the eBook highlights the LUNA™ Reusable Slide citing it as an eco-friendly option and noting its’ compatibility with the LUNA™ family automated cell counters.

The LUNA-FX7™ was also highlighted for its high throughput capabilities offering 1-, 3-, and 8-channel slides as well as being able to use the LUNA™ Photon Slide (up to two samples) and the LUNA™ Reusable Slide. The LUNA-FX7™’s data management, bioprocess, QC features, and its optional CountWire™ software (compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements) were also included as key factors when considering the purchase of an automated cell counter.

The LUNA™ family of automated cell counters were also recognized as the recipient of the first-ever SelectScience Diamond Seal of Quality award in 2022. The LUNA™ family of automated cell counters have become known for their accuracy, precision optics, and sensitivity using cutting-edge autofocusing technology as well as advanced imaging software.

The eBook features automated cell counters from different manufacturers, provides informative application tips and tricks, as well as details and features of the different units to help in the decision-making process. This excellent resource can be downloaded free of charge on the SelectScience® website by clicking here.