LUNA-FL™ 双荧光细胞计数仪

LUNA-FL™ 配备双荧光和明场光学元件,是一款强大的产品。LUNA-FL™ 可以评估细胞计数、活力和 GFP 转染效率,而不受细胞类型或大小的限制。


LUNA-FL™ 具有四种计数模块,是我们的强大动力。配备明场和双荧光光学元件,可灵敏检测除细菌外的大多数细胞类型。LUNA-FL™ 可以将原代细胞(如 PBMC、脾细胞、中性粒细胞和干细胞)与不需要的碎片区分开来,以获得准确的细胞计数和活力结果。明场细胞计数、荧光细胞计数、酵母细胞计数和 GFP 转染分析都在 LUNA-FL™ 仪器中。这款多功能小巧细胞计数仪可方便地放置在细胞培养室或您的工作台上,以无缝融入您的工作流程。

荧光:30s = 3个图像捕获和分析;明场:10s = 1个图像捕获和分析。
Moying Li

Great performance, would recommend for other researchers!
Easy to use, saves us time and offers good quality. The consultant Dr Eberhardt was also professional and patient to teach us before use.

University Heidelberg

Mahmood Ali

Great instrument, I like using it. Really helpful.
The device is easy to use, I mainly use it before cell seeding or to check for my culture's viability and survival. The results are reproducible and the device provides fast results. The accuracy seems to be great as well.


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UNA-FL™: GFP Transfection Assay
Quick Start Guide

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Quick Start Guide

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Fast automated yeast cell counting algorithm using bright-field and fluorescence microscopic images
Product literature

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Application of a non-hazardous vital dye for cell counting with automated cell counters
Product literature

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Cell DB
HL-60 (high density)
Experimental condition
A high density culture of HL-60 cells was counted with the LUNA-FL to verifiy the performance of the instrument. Cells were stained with acridine orange-propidium idodide mixture and then counted. Green and red circle represents viable and dead nucleated cells automatically classified by LUNA-FL.
Human peripheral blood
Human whole blood was collected from a finger tip and diluted in PBS at 1:100. After staining with the AO/PI dyes, white blood cells (WBCs) were counted with the LUNA-FL fluorescence cell counter. Bright field and its corresponding fluorescence image are shown in the left and middle panel, respectively. Area enclosed by the white rectangle is shown in the right panel at high magnification. Note that cells containing nucleic acids (ie., WBCs) were counted and tagged with the green circle. A huge number of red blood cells (RBCs) and platelets seen in the bright field image were not counted by LUNA-FL. No dead WBC was observed in this field of view.
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Ordering Information
Cat # Product Qty
L20001 LUNA-FL™ Automated Fluorescence Cell Counter 1 unit
L12005 PhotonSlide™, 50 Slides 1 box
L12006 PhotonSlide™, 500 Slides 10 boxes
L12007 PhotonSlide™, 1000 Slides 20 boxes
L12001 LUNA™ Cell Counting Slides, 50 Slides 1 box
L12002 LUNA™ Cell Counting Slides, 500 Slides 10 boxes
L12003 LUNA™ Cell Counting Slides, 1000 Slides 20 boxes
L12011 LUNA™ Reusable Slide 1 unit
L12012 LUNA™ Reusable Slides 2 units
L12014 LUNA™ Reusable Slide Coverslips 10 units
T13001 Trypan Blue Stain, 0.4% 2 X 1 mL
L13002 Erythrosin B Stain 2 x 1 mL
F23001 Acridine Orange/Propidium Iodide Stain 2 x 0.5 mL
F23002 Acridine Orange Stain 2 x 0.5 mL
F23003 Propidium Iodide Stain 2 x 0.5 mL
F23202 Yeast Viability Kit 1 - Propidium Iodide Stain for Yeast (1 x 0.5 mL) - Fluorescein Diacetate Stain (1 x 0.5 mL) - Cell Dilution Buffer (1 x 20 mL) - Fluorescence Signal Enhancer 1 (1 x 0.5 mL) 1 kit
F23212 Cell Dilution Buffer 5 x 20 mL
F23102 LUNA™ Fluorescence Calibration Beads 1 x 0.5 mL
B13101 LUNA™ Standard Beads 2 x 1 mL
F24003 LUNA-FL™ IQ/OQ Protocol 1 copy
P10001 LUNA™ Printer I 1 unit
P12001 LUNA™ Printer I Paper (Thermal, 275 prints/roll, 6rolls) 3 x 2 rolls
Sample Volume 10 μl
Cell Counting Time 30 sec
Cell Concentration Range 5×104 – 1×107 cells/mL
Cell Size Range Detectable Range: 1 – 90 μm
Optimal Range: 5 – 60 μm
Excitation wavelength 470 ± 20 nm
Emission wavelength 530 ± 25 nm, 600 nm (LP)
Light Source LED
Image Resolution 5 MP
LCD Display 800 x 480 pixels
Dimensions (W×D×H) 22 × 21 × 9 cm (8.6 × 8.3 × 3.5 in)
Weight 1.8 kg (4  lb)  *without the AC adapter and power cord